Nature vs Nurture: What Has The Greatest Effect on Coffee Quality?

By how many points can a producer increase their coffee’s cupping score?  Good farming practices will highlight a coffee’s best features and reduce the risk of defects. But with certain coffees, there may be an upper limit to how much the quality can be improved.  Producers, you need to be aware of this in order […]

How to Roast Kenyan Coffee

Kenya is Africa’s fifth-largest coffee producer, and its six producing regions are known for growing many varietals of high-quality coffee – thanks to the country’s high altitudes, moderate temperatures, even rainfall patterns and volcanic soil.  While its coffees are known for being complex, fruity, full-bodied, and acidic, developing this flavour profile to its full potential […]

How The World’s Leading Coffee Producer Is Dealing With COVID-19

COVID-19 related restrictions have impacted the world’s coffee production and exportation efforts. Despite this, Brazil 2020’s harvest is set to reach a historical high of 66.7 million bags. Though inventories were almost depleted during 2020’s off-season first quarter and bad weather hampered production in this time, future contracts for the commodity market haven’t significantly altered, […]

How to Meet The Needs of Today’s Coffee Shop Customer

Vegan, earth-conscious, experience-seeking, Instagram-shunning, pour-over-drinking, pour-over-avoiding, quality-orientated, convenience-orientated: the consumer market is rapidly evolving and at times contradictory. Coffee shop owners who don’t adapt to their changing needs risk losing sales and customers.  The market isn’t the only thing that’s changed. The world has too, and this will impact the behaviour and preferences of 2020’s […]

Designing The Perfect Packaging For Your Roasted Coffee Beans

Your coffee bean packaging does more than protect it from the elements while it travels from your roastery to your customers. It also serves as their first encounter with your business – and first impressions count.  Finding someone to create your packaging for you is relatively simple. However, you’ll need to understand the value and […]

Understanding Body in Coffee And How to Roast For it

Body makes up one of the essential sensorial experiences in drinking coffee. Whether it’s light or heavy, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is ensuring that the coffee and its desired body is considered while roasting. Join us as we discover how body varies in different green coffees, why we roast body, and tips on optimising […]

Overcoming Logistical Hurdles to Strengthening Direct Trade Relationships

Direct trade establishes direct, mutually beneficial relationships between roasters and producers, cutting out all or some of the middlemen usually involved in the coffee supply chain. When executed correctly, it benefits roasters, producers, and consumers.  However, while many direct trade relationships find success, the transport and logistical hurdles involved in moving coffee from farm to […]

Can Australia Grow Its Consumption of Locally Produced Coffee?

Australia has a well-established specialty coffee scene, characterised by independent cafés and high coffee consumption levels. In fact, it’s estimated that over 384 Olympic sized swimming pools of coffee are consumed by the nation every year. A small group of producers have overcome financial and environmental challenges to grow Australian specialty coffee, and a dedicated […]

What Is Bean Development in Coffee Roasting And How to Control it?

Many changes occur during bean development and many mistakes too. Bean development is the crucial time where the flavor and aromas are created during roasting. This article will look at what bean development is, how to tackle mistakes made during development, and how using development time data can improve or affect roasting skills. You may […]