Author: Isabelle Mani SanMax

How The World’s Leading Coffee Producer Is Dealing With COVID-19

COVID-19 related restrictions have impacted the world’s coffee production and exportation efforts. Despite this, Brazil 2020’s harvest is set to reach a historical high of 66.7 million bags. Though inventories were almost depleted during 2020’s off-season first quarter and bad weather hampered production in this time, future contracts for the commodity market haven’t significantly altered, […]

How Does Grafting Arabica to Robusta Improve Coffee Yields?

Deforestation, soil imbalances, and pathogens are just some of the challenges that producers around the world face in growing quality coffee – which is why many adopt agronomy practices like grafting to improve their crop hardiness. Many producers graft their Arabica scions onto Robusta rootstock to enhance the Arabica’s resistance to many of the challenges […]

Inside Ukraine’s Booming Coffee Scene

Historically, Ukraine hasn’t been well known for its specialty coffee consumption. As it’s become one of Europe’s fastest coffee shop growing markets, this could change very soon. Keep reading to find out more about Ukraine’s history with coffee, how locals are consuming it, and the role that events have to play in increasing education and […]