Author: James Harper

Overcoming Logistical Hurdles to Strengthening Direct Trade Relationships

Direct trade establishes direct, mutually beneficial relationships between roasters and producers, cutting out all or some of the middlemen usually involved in the coffee supply chain. When executed correctly, it benefits roasters, producers, and consumers.  However, while many direct trade relationships find success, the transport and logistical hurdles involved in moving coffee from farm to […]

Producer Perspectives on Farmgate Prices & Technology

Increased coffee supply chain transparency could help farmers secure better coffee prices. However, few transparency efforts extend back to this group, which means that once a coffee leaves their farm, they rarely get to find out what roasters and even consumers pay for it. Increasingly, roasters want to know what producers are paid for their […]

COVID-19 & The Coffee Trade: Exploring The Short- & Long-Term Impact

Containers, cash flow, and congestion: COVID-19 is causing unprecedented chaos in the coffee industry. While coffee shops and roasters are shutting shop or looking for innovative ways to remain profitable, traders and producers are faced with a different kind of problem: how to keep the coffee industry running so that next year’s coffees make it […]