Author: Janice Chinna Kanniah

Can Australia Grow Its Consumption of Locally Produced Coffee?

Australia has a well-established specialty coffee scene, characterised by independent cafés and high coffee consumption levels. In fact, it’s estimated that over 384 Olympic sized swimming pools of coffee are consumed by the nation every year. A small group of producers have overcome financial and environmental challenges to grow Australian specialty coffee, and a dedicated […]

Could Home Brewing Increase Consumer Demand For Omni Roasts?

The Coronavirus has impacted the coffee industry. Thanks to shelter in place orders and orders to work from home, consumers are learning how to recreate their coffee shop favourites in the kitchen – using specialty coffee beans and home brewing equipment. With so many brewing options available, they might seek out a roast that can […]

Why Food Security Is a Coffee Industry Issue

Producers are amongst the most vulnerable members of the coffee supply chain. Many are already contending against inconsistent and insufficient incomes, which is why in times of crisis, food security can become a pressing issue. If left unchecked, insufficient food security could force coffee farmers to abandon production entirely. Here’s what the implications of this […]

Exploring The Relationship Between Specialty Coffee & Podcasts

Podcasts are a popular medium for reaching niche audiences through a combination of interviews, storytelling, and interaction. In the past few years, several specialty coffee podcasts have popped up – discussing everything from brewing methods to the origins of coffee.  Listen to Perfect Daily Grind: Coffee Industry Insights on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts […]

A Guide to Miami Coffee Culture

Miami’s coffee culture can’t be separated from its Latino influences. Over 60 years of Cuban migration has helped create a culture with an approach to enjoying coffee that differs from most major US cities. This means that if you’re a roaster or coffee shop looking to enter this market, you should understand what shapes this […]

Why Producers Grow Expensive Coffees – And Why Roasters Buy Them

Occasionally, a specialty coffee lot makes headlines for the record-breaking prices it’s fetched at an auction or private sale. These hyper-expensive coffees are usually award-winning and highly regarded by the industry.  To find out more about what role these exclusive and expensive coffees play in today’s market. I spoke to some of the people responsible […]

Will COVID-19 Mobilize Producers to Roast Their Own Coffee?

2020’s COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the international coffee production industry, bringing about challenges ranging from dwindling consumer consumption (due to lockdowns closing coffee shops) to restricted exports (as countries try to limit the virus’s spread). While the virus’s overall impact on the coffee supply chain has been negative, it might be the catalyst for some […]

PDG Brasil Thriving With Local Audiences

You can’t discuss coffee without discussing Brazil. The country is unrivalled in its capacity to produce coffee and consumes more of it than most nations – making it a supply chain leader.  Despite this, up until 2020, no international publications existed outside of the country that directly addressed Brazil’s coffee professionals in their home language […]