Author: Josef Mott

How to Roast Kenyan Coffee

Kenya is Africa’s fifth-largest coffee producer, and its six producing regions are known for growing many varietals of high-quality coffee – thanks to the country’s high altitudes, moderate temperatures, even rainfall patterns and volcanic soil.  While its coffees are known for being complex, fruity, full-bodied, and acidic, developing this flavour profile to its full potential […]

Understanding Body in Coffee And How to Roast For it

Body makes up one of the essential sensorial experiences in drinking coffee. Whether it’s light or heavy, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is ensuring that the coffee and its desired body is considered while roasting. Join us as we discover how body varies in different green coffees, why we roast body, and tips on optimising […]

Coffee Roasting Probes And Tips on Using Them

The readings from different probes and roasters will always vary. However, learning the variables which affect individual roaster probe readings and how to control these can help you with consistency in roasting, data, and quality. Join us as we look at how to better understand roaster probe data, how different probes work, and how to […]