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How The World’s Leading Coffee Producer Is Dealing With COVID-19

COVID-19 related restrictions have impacted the world’s coffee production and exportation efforts. Despite this, Brazil 2020’s harvest is set to reach a historical high of 66.7 million bags. Though inventories were almost depleted during 2020’s off-season first quarter and bad weather hampered production in this time, future contracts for the commodity market haven’t significantly altered, […]

PDG Brasil Thriving With Local Audiences

You can’t discuss coffee without discussing Brazil. The country is unrivalled in its capacity to produce coffee and consumes more of it than most nations – making it a supply chain leader.  Despite this, up until 2020, no international publications existed outside of the country that directly addressed Brazil’s coffee professionals in their home language […]

How Brazilian Producers Are Roasting & Selling Their Coffee

Brazil is the world’s biggest coffee producer and consumer. With 98% of local households drinking it, Brazilian farmers don’t have to look far to find a receptive market for their coffee – something that few producing countries can boast. By having a country with a major coffee consuming audience, Brazilian producers could profit from roasting […]