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How to Roast Kenyan Coffee

Kenya is Africa’s fifth-largest coffee producer, and its six producing regions are known for growing many varietals of high-quality coffee – thanks to the country’s high altitudes, moderate temperatures, even rainfall patterns and volcanic soil.  While its coffees are known for being complex, fruity, full-bodied, and acidic, developing this flavour profile to its full potential […]

Coffee Roasting Probes And Tips on Using Them

The readings from different probes and roasters will always vary. However, learning the variables which affect individual roaster probe readings and how to control these can help you with consistency in roasting, data, and quality. Join us as we look at how to better understand roaster probe data, how different probes work, and how to […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Roasting Great Coffee at Home

Home roasting means you can drink fresh coffee whenever you want, experiment with coffee origins, and more. And while the learning curve may be off-putting at first, the satisfaction of knowing that roasted and brewed your morning coffee will make it all worthwhile. But what equipment do you need? Which green beans should you use? […]

What Is The Environmental Rate of Change in Coffee Roasting?

Environmental rate of change isn’t as well understood as Rate of Rise, bean temperature, and environmental temperature. However, it’s just as important, if not more so. It can help predict the temperature of the roasting drum, and, in turn, help maintain control during roasting. Join us as we explore what environmental rate of change is, […]

How Brazilian Producers Are Roasting & Selling Their Coffee

Brazil is the world’s biggest coffee producer and consumer. With 98% of local households drinking it, Brazilian farmers don’t have to look far to find a receptive market for their coffee – something that few producing countries can boast. By having a country with a major coffee consuming audience, Brazilian producers could profit from roasting […]

4 Variables That Affect Roasting

Roasting is all about highlighting a coffee’s best qualities. However, to do this successfully, you need to manage the variables that can impact the roasting process and influence your results.  Here’s how common variables like time, temperature, and airflow impact roasting, and how you can control them. You might also like A Guide to Bean […]